Transport Manager disqualified for 5 years

Posted by AndrewT on 8th Jul 2014

Stephen Drever-Marshall, the nominated Transport Manager on two licences - in the North of England was disqualified by North East Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney for five years after making a false statement about his proposed hours of work.  

When asked about the operator’s tachograph records, the Transport Manager said he had not seen any and was not aware of the fact that the operator’s 09-plate vehicle had a digital tachograph. He was also unaware of a MoT failure on file and admitted one of the operators was using an unauthorised centre.

The £300 annual fee between Drever-Marshall and  one of the operators, equated to just 75 pence per hour, excluding travel time and travel costs for the claimed hours worked. 

The deliberate false statement about his hours of work, knowingly allowing an operator to run from an unauthorised centre, his lack of knowledge of drivers’ hours or tachograph rules meant his professional competence had been forfeited.

Transport Managers play a vital role in any transport operation in ensuring they operate within the rules and meet all of their legal obligations. Compliance with drivers' hours and tachograph regulations are not negotiable and ignorance is no defence.