Transport Manager loses his repute over CPC training & drivers’ hours infringements

Posted by AndrewT on 5th Jun 2014

A Transport Manager recently lost his repute indefinitely for failing to make sure his drivers had started their Driver CPC training and the drivers’ hours infringements that occurred as a result. The North East of England traffic commissioner Kevin Rooney also cut the operator’s licence from 22 to 11 HGVs for  a period of two weeks whilst the drivers undertook their Driver CPC training. The lack of training was a key contributory factor to the drivers’ hours infringements. The role of Transport Manager is vital to any road transport operator. However in 2013, 127 Transport Managers lost their repute and 16 had their competence withdrawn. This disqualifies them from working as a Transport Manager for a given period, until the conditions imposed by the TC were fulfilled or in the worst cases indefinitely. Transport Managers can save themselves time, money and headaches in managing drivers’ hours with a subscription to Smartanalysis from 25p per driver per day. The DVSA is starting to enforce the Driver CPC regulations. Drivers that acquired their LGV licence before September 2009 have until September 2014 to obtain their Periodic Driver CPC. However, new drivers taking their test after September 2009 should have obtained their Driver CPC with their LGV licence. In the last 12 months, the DVSA recorded 204 Driver CPC offences at the roadside, 110 resulted in a fixed penalty fine.