One in eight transport operators pose a risk to other road users

Posted by AndrewT on 17th Mar 2017

A recent BBC News item highlighted that according to the DVSA around 10,000 haulage operators (one in eight) pose a risk to other road users by failing to ensure adequate maintenance and safety, or to monitor drivers' hours. In 2015-16, just over 29,000 HGVs were checked at the roadside or at operators' premises, and nearly 9,000 were served with prohibition notices. DVSA chief executive Gareth Llewellyn told the BBC the regulatory system was "ripe for review" meaning that sanctions for repeatedly flouting the rules could be viewed as inadequate. The DVSA scores operators on the likelihood their vehicles will be operating safely, with a green, amber or red rating as defined by the Operators Compliance Risk Score (OCRS). It is understood that around 10,000 operators currently have a red rating and will be targeted by the DVSA. Transport for London is also funding roadside checks targeting hauliers they suspect of dangerous practices. Over the last two years about 18,000 have been stopped and one in five complied with safety rules. With the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme (to be piloted early 2017) there are clear incentives for proactively managing drivers’ hours compliance and vehicle maintenance. It will also free up resources to focus on the serially and seriously non-compliant operators. But is it time to review the sanctions for breaking the rules? Source BBC News.