Quashing the August 3ppl duty rise in fuel is vital for UK growth

Posted by AndrewT on 7th Jun 2012

If businesses are to have the confidence to expand, they need consumers that are prepared to spend their hard earned income. Any increase in fuel duty will increase costs in the supply chain. This could squeeze tight margins even further for hauliers; see Fuel rises tarnish Eddie Stobart performance, potentially putting businesses at risk.

More likely the costs will be passed on to consumers in higher prices for goods. They will also have to bear the burden of paying the increase in fuel duty.

Where does this leave everyone?  Money spent on fuel duty and the increased price of goods will have to be saved elsewhere. Consumers will have less disposable income and retailers will see the impact at the tills which will have a knock-on effect on the whole supply chain.  This is at a time where UK PLC is struggling to promote growth.  The August 3ppl fuel duty rise is short sighted and counterproductive. Scrapping the increase is vital if we are kick-start the economy and it is the immediate objective of Fair Fuel UK.

FFUK urgently need our support. Use this site to email your MP to stop the 3ppl fuel duty rise in August FFUK Email to your MP. It will only take a minute of your time and it will make a difference.