Suspended for drivers’ hours breaches

Posted by AndrewT on 18th Apr 2017

The owner of a skip hire firm was suspended from driving HGVs for breaching drivers' hours regulations after driving for more than four-and-a-half hours without a break. A driver must take a break or breaks totaling at least 45 minutes after no more than four and-a-half hours driving. The operator owner and transport manager told the DVSA officers that he was too busy running his company to check drivers’ hours records! The DVSA found that drivers’ hours had been breached on 13 occasions. The operator also failed to download both the digital vehicle tachograph and driver card data. VU data must be downloaded at least every 90 days whilst driver card data should be downloaded every 28 days or sooner to deal with any infringements in a timely manner. The owner admitted he had limited knowledge of the drivers’ hours rules after attending a drivers’ hours and tachograph training course after being stopped by the DVSA. The DVSA also found failings in the operator’s vehicle maintenance records and driver defect reports. Unsurprisingly the business also had its O-licence revoked. For a simple overview of EU Driver’s Hours Requirements download our infographic. Source: Commercial Motor