Tachograph download and ransomware protection

Posted by AndrewT on 24th May 2017

The recent ransomware attacks highlight the potential risk to corporate networks. The simple process of collecting and uploading digital tachograph data create touch points for files to enter networks. Small depots offices often have the minimum of IT support and maybe using older PCs and operating systems. However, two digital download solutions exist to send the data direct to your tachograph analysis software such as Smartanalysis over mobile networks rather than corporate IT networks. This means that remote sites do not need to access your corporate network for this purpose. The digipostpro is a depot based terminal that collects both driver card and vehicle data and posts data directly to your tachograph analysis software provider. The digiDL device sends data in the same way but directly from the vehicle, otherwise known as remote tachograph download. All data is encrypted. In addition some (but not all) hand-held digital tachograph download tools  connecting to your PC running their own operating and file systems and are read only. This makes it virtually impossible to infect the devices using any conventional means especially by Windows™. You can take advantage of a 10% saving on Digipostpro and the digiDL remote download device and a range of hand-held download devices using voucher code smart1 at the checkout in our online shop. All items of £100 or more qualify for free shipping in the UK and all in-stock items are shipped the same day. For free help and advice on what download tools are best for you contact servicedesk@descartes.com.