What does it take to be a transport manager?

Posted by AndrewT on 13th Oct 2017

The position of transport manager is a vital one for all transport operators regardless of size. Transport managers need to have good repute and be professionally competent. A ‘dangerously incompetent’ Transport Manager will damage your business, see blog post. The Senior Traffic Commissioner has issued guidance on the role and what it means to be competent and have good repute. It explains the core activities every transport manager is expected to undertake. This includes managing, auditing and reviewing compliance systems; reviewing prohibitions or annual test failures; notifying the TC of any changes; and staying abreast of changes in legislation. If you need to recruit a transport manager the guidance also provides a job description for transport managers. Plus, there's a reminder for transport managers to:
  • keep their knowledge and skills up to date
  • have an impact on the organisation they're working for
  • influence decision making to ensure compliance
If you already employ a transport manager and you want to know how many hours they should take performing their duties, see blog post. You can see the new  Senior Traffic Commissioner’s guidance here.