Time to get a grip of your HGV drivers’ hours?

Posted by AndrewT on 6th Feb 2014

Drivers’ hours infringements regularly top the offences reported by the authorities.  Road transport operators need to demonstrate they understand the requirements of law regarding the digital tachograph and HGV drivers’ hours. Ignorance is no defence and the authorities will target seriously and serially non-compliant operators. Failure to comply with the requirements of the digital tachograph can result in fines, and in serious cases loss of the operator’s licence. In a recent example Nick Denton the Traffic Commissioner for London and the South East, suspended Park Lane Scaffolding for three weeks for "serious and prolonged drivers' hours shortcomings." The firm was reported for various infringements, including failure to obtain a company tachograph card and digital download equipment several months after buying a vehicle with a digital tachograph. Recently several cases have been seen at public enquiry with operators running HGVs with digital tachograph and no idea how to use them! In the above case the Commissioner heard that one driver worked for 12 consecutive days before taking a weekly rest period and a driver used a digital tachograph vehicle without a digital driver card. If you are unsure of your obligations or requirements for downloading and analysing your tachograph data contact Descartes (Telephone 01249 463355 or email info@descartes.com) or see our SmartCompliance web site. Compliance management is our business and we will save you time money and headaches in managing your digital and analogue tachograph data. Our help and advice is also free!