Vehicle safety checks - what are your duties?

Posted by AndrewT on 29th Jun 2021

Whether you drive a HGV or a bus or coach, it's vital that you know what checks you need to carry out inside and outside of the vehicle before setting off. Failing to do thorough checks could result in unsafe vehicles being driven on public roads. It has often been reported that around 80% of roadside prohibitions due roadworthiness could have been avoided if a walk-around vehicle safety check had taken place. Below are just some of the things that need to be checked. Inside the vehicle the checks include:
  • mirrors and glass
  • wipers and washers
  • front view
  • warning lights and gauges
  • steering
  • horn
  • height marker
  • seat belts
Outside, checks include:
  • lights and indicators
  • fuel and oil
  • AdBlue
  • exhaust smoke
  • body and wings
  • tyres and wheel fixings
  • electrical connections
  • security of load
You can see the fill guidance on - HGV Guidance and PSV Guidance. A mobile driver vehicle safety check app such as SmartCheck will give operators the assurance that checks are conducted. SmartCheck records the date/time, location and duration of the vehicle checks. It also means that any defects can be reported in real time. Get a quote for your fleet - simply select the number of vehicles and duration of subscription (1 to 5 years) and you will see the total cost and the price per vehicle per year.