What else does Descartes do?

Posted by rrowlands@descartes.com on 18th May 2022

One stop to smarter compliance

In this age where technology has taken over, where we have a list of passwords the length of a HGV and the list of platforms we use on a daily basis continues to tower. Having all your compliance management data in one place almost sounds to good to be true… doesn’t it?

Clients of ours will know of Descartes comprehensive suite of SmartCompliance solutions that include:

  • SmartAnalysis - Tachograph analysis & reporting with KPIs for Earned Recognition
  • SmartLicence - Driving licence and driver CPC verification with DVLA and risk management
  • SmartCheck - Driver vehicle safety checks

But did you know that all of the solutions above are accessed via the same online portal. Requiring only one, yes just one, username and password. For so many transport manages we’ve spoken to over the years this was brilliant… for us it’s logical!

Keeping everything in one place giving yourself easy access, whilst knowing Descartes exemplary security systems are in place to keep your data safe.

For more information see smartcompliance.descartes.com or email info@descartes.com.