Smartdownload: Automatic Remote Download

SmartDownload is the smart way of downloading Driver Card and Vehicle Unit data from digital tachographs for analysis and reporting using Smartanalysis.

SmartDownload enables operators to download digital tachograph driver card files and vehicle unit data automatically to a set schedule, safeguarding compliance, cutting costs and minimising time spent managing the whole process to download tachograph data.

Smartdownload takes away the headaches associated with managing and controlling the time-consuming process for downloading digital tachograph data. This is a problem for fleets of all sizes but especially  when drivers, vehicles and depots are spread around the country in different depots. Smartdownload eliminates the need for depot based download devices and has enabled existing clients  to save 26 man-hours, per vehicle, per year downloading VU data.

Operators are required to download driver card data within 28 days and Vehicle Unit data within 90 days to be compliant with regulations. However, it makes sense to download data on a daily or weekly basis to spot any issues such as unaccounted distance and deal with them before they become a bigger problem. With SmartDownload your tachograph data is downloaded to a set schedule to ensure they are made in a timely fashion saving time and hassle – enabling you to deal with issues as they occur.

Smartdownload kits are available in our shop. 


Using automatic remote download

Remote Download Device

If you do not have a telematics device installed in the vehicle a Remote Download Device such as the digiDL needs to be installed in each vehicle. A Smartcard reader connected to an internet-ready PC is also required in the depot or office for authenticating the company card. A GPRS Data SIM is fitted into each Remote Download Device. GPRS enables tachograph data to be transferred to Smartanalysis whilst the vehicle is used in your normal day-to-day operations outside of the depot. Remote Download Devices also support WLAN. However, they will need to be configured for your network and will only work within your depot WLAN coverage area. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

Once the download schedule has been set up for your data everything happens automatically in the background. The Remote Download Device can be installed by your own fitters. Please note that the digiDL Remote Download Device can only be fitted to a VDO Tachograph 1.3 or 1.4 with a Secondary CAN-Bus. There are a number of VDO Tachographs 1.3 and 1.4 that do not have the required Secondary CAN-Bus. You can find a list of models that are affected here. If in doubt please contact the support team, email

Descartes Telematics Hub

If you have installed telematics devices from any of the solution providers listed below you can also use these telematics solutions to send your tachograph data to SmartAnalysis for analysis and reporting. If you are interested in this option please contact

Telematics Solution Driver Card Download Frequency VU File Download Frequency
RTL Daily Daily
Matrix Telematics Daily Daily
Mandata Daily Every third day
Orbcomm Daily Weekly
Volvo / Dynafleet Weekly Weekly
TomTom Daily Weekly
Microlise Daily Daily
FleetVisor Daily Weekly
Lisle Weekly Every two weeks
Scania Weekly Monthly
Geotab Daily Daily
Samsara Daily Weekly

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