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Managing and maintaining compliance with regulations is a burden for any transport operator with severe penalties if things go wrong. For an operator specialising in food and drink it is even more complex as there is no room for error and products need to be delivered to retailers on time every time.

NFT is the market leader in the provision of time critical, chilled logistics services to food and drink manufacturers and grocery retailers.

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After 30 years in business, NFT employs around 1,700 staff, operates 370 tractor units and 440 refrigerated trailers, all working to deliver over 100,000 pallets each week. Their specialist knowledge, enthusiastic and innovative staff and leading IT systems are what drive NFT’s success in food and drink logistics.

NFT looked at several solutions for managing their Operator compliance but found the Smartanalysis solution created by Descartes to be the best on offer and have been using it since 2007.

Smartanalysis is cost effective for NFT, as they only pay for driver records downloaded.

NFT also worked with Descartes to help develop a time-efficient driver debrief module (Smartdebrief) for use with Smartanalysis. This enables NFT to monitor drivers’ compliance at specific depots across the whole fleet and quickly identify depots and specific drivers where compliance is a problem and   to give training and development to the drivers that need it most.

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Smartdebrief and Smartanalysis will ensure that NFT exceeds the VOSA standard and remains compliant.

  “We take compliance very seriously at NFT. We have used Smartanalysis since 2007 and found it to be the best solution for managing compliance. It is also cost effective for our business. They listened to our needs and were fully prepared to develop new software so that the driver debrief module fitted with our business requirements.”

David Seaton MIRTE MSOE MIMI – Fleet Engineer, NFT

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