Tachograph analysis & compliance management software

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    To help operators with COVID-19 we are offering an additional 2 months subscription for free for every new SmartAnalysis Pre-pay subscription purchased. The additional two months will be added to your subscription period when your order has been received and confirmed by email.

    Smartanalysis is the industry leading tachograph analysis Software as a Service solution for fleets of all sizes. You send us your analogue and digital tachograph data. We store the data on our secure servers and make the tachograph data, analysis, reports, SmartAlerts and infringement management tools available for you to use on the Smartanalysis web site.

    Smartanalysis is used to analysis over 1,300,000 tachograph records every month. Over 100 standard reports are available online and you can subscribe to the reports you need and have them sent straight to your email inbox. Smartanalysis also includes Descartes SmartAlerts, automated email alerts to issues that need your immediate attention such as mission driver card downloads.

    Smartanalysis Pre-Pay is the smart way to sign-up to Smartanalysis. By pre-paying for your subscription you save money over over the Pay-As-You-Go rates of 25p per driver per working day. See below a comparison of the costs for 1 driver for 1, 3 and 5 years with 220 working days per year.

    1 year 3 years 5 years
    PAYG cost with 220 days £55 £165 £275
    Pre-Pay price inc VAT for 1 driver working 220 days £48 £136.80 £216
    Pre-Pay saving £ £7 £28.2 £59
    Pre-Pay saving % 15% 20% 27%


    Smartanalysis Pre-Pay saves having to issue monthly invoices for relatively small amounts and saves you the time and effort of having to pay monthly. The saving in administration is passed on to you in reduced subscription rates. The pre-pay subscriptions are based on the assumption that 1 driver will work up to 220 days in a 12 month period. If you use agency or part-time drivers simply add their anticipated working days over a 12 month period and divide by 220 to get the equivilent number of full time drivers you will need to subscribe for e.g. with 3 agency drivers working 120 days each in a 12 month period = 360 days / 220 = 1.63 full-time heads so you will need to subscribe for 2 drivers.

    The more drivers you have and the longer the subscription, the more you will save. See prices in Full Description.