25% of motorists admit to driving while tired

Posted by AndrewT on 25th Nov 2016

According to resent research conducted to coincide with Road Safety Week almost one in four drivers admit to driving while tired with men more prone to do so than women. The research looked at distractions for drivers and the percentage of accidents associated with each distraction. Unsurprising that 62% of accidents was attributed to a loss of concentration through tiredness. More surprising is the fact that 24% of drivers surveyed admitted to driving while tired. The second largest contributor to accidents was mobile phone usage with 12% of accidents attributed to this. You can read the full list of distractions, % of road accidents and number of drivers admitting to being distracted in Fleet News. What is clear is the big impact on road traffic accidents of driving when tired. Digital tachograph technology has been used since 2006 to manage HGV drivers’ hours and many companies use tachograph analysis software such as Smartanalysis for just 25p per driver per working day to ensure their compliance with drivers’ hours law. But what about other classifications of commercial vehicles? Is the temptation to gain a competitive advantage through excessive (and potentially unsafe) drivers’ hours too much for some, see blog post of 11th November 2016?