Are your drivers’ counting the cost of non-compliance?

Two recent cases have highlighted the significant potential cost to drivers for drivers’ hours and tachograph infringements.

Driver A – Convicted on two counts of false entry on a tachograph chart was fined £600 and ordered to pay costs of £750 costs.  He was also fined £1,600 and ordered to pay another £750 in costs for five counts of failing without reasonable excuse to make relevant entry on a tachograph chart.

Total cost to the driver = £3,700.

Driver B – Eight counts of false entry on tachograph chart resulted in a £2,400 fine and costs of £750.

Total cost to the driver = £3,150.

In both cases this is a significant sum for an individual to pay for what might be considered as minor offences. More serious offences and serially non-compliant drivers risk bigger fines, loss of their licence and custodial sentences. The companies they work for are also in the firing line.

It begs the question … why do they do it?


Posted on: 19.06.2015

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