Blog posts for 2015

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Do you know the risk profile of your drivers?

Posted by AndrewT on 9th Nov 2015

While the abolition of the paper counterpart may be causing short term disruption for some, having the ability to automatically and routinely check drivers licence details against the DVLA records onl … Read more
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Happy Birthday Driver CPC!

Posted by AndrewT on 18th Sep 2015

It’s been a year since the deadline for existing HGV drivers to complete their first block of 35 hours of Driver CPC training. Happy birthday Driver CPC! HGV, bus and coach drivers are required to do … Read more
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You're invited!

Posted by AndrewT on 26th Aug 2015

From container to customer, customer experience and compliance matters - Transforming customer experience and safeguarding compliance whilst increasing profitability - myth or new reality? Descartes … Read more
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Volumetric vehicle exemption loophole to close?

Posted by AndrewT on 17th Aug 2015

There is growing support to bring ten vehicle exemptions into the O-licensing scheme. It is estimated that this could affect around 40,000 goods and engineering plant vehicles and require them to pass … Read more
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Off the rails and off the road

Posted by AndrewT on 10th Jul 2015

The boss of a Newhouse haulage firm has been given a two-year industry ban after an investigation and public inquiry into drivers’ practices. Scotland’s Traffic Commissioner, Joan Aitken, said the op … Read more
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82% unaware of corporate manslaughter legislation

Posted by AndrewT on 26th Jun 2015

Van fleet operators need to be made more aware of corporate manslaughter legislation and how it could apply if the working condition of their vehicles were suspect or their drivers’ did not hold a val … Read more