€170,000 of fines for HGV driver and haulier over drivers’ hours violations

27th Jul 2023

No need to head to specsavers just yet… you read that right! One Hundred and Seventy Thousand euro combined fine between HGV driver and employer.

Several violations were detected when a Turkish-registered HGV was stopped in Erlangen, Germany, travelling from Istanbul. The driver was found to have numerous violations of exceeding daily and weekly rest periods. When analysing the past 29 days it was calculated that a fine of €2,801 was worthy.

The driver’s employer must also pay €8,393, whilst an on the spot fine of €1,000 was taken from the driver at the time of inspection.

But it didn’t stop there… from analysing the tachograph data from August ’22 to March ’23 they uncovered numerous violations. With such evidence of serial breaches, the police stated the driver must pay up €42,812 and the haulier €128,429.

If only this haulier had taken the initiative of signing up to Descartes SmartAnalysis – it would have certainly saved them a pretty penny for only £46 per year per driver!

That’s why we say smart decisions start with SmartCompliance! All data concerning the violations was passed onto the HGV control department in Germany (BALM), the UK equivalent of the DVSA – I’m sure they’ll be making a case study out of this incident.