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No excuses for drivers’ hours offences

Posted by fionastewart on 21st Apr 2016

The Traffic commissioner for London and the South East, Nick Denton has called on road transport operators to manage their digital tachograph downloads or face the consequences. The TC said there is … Read more
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DVSA continue to focus on non-compliant operators

Posted by fionastewart on 21st Apr 2016

The DVSA has recently published its plan for 2016. The agency wants to continue discussions on how to improve the service it provides to meet the needs of commercial road transport operators. It will … Read more
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Get your SmartAlerts on a new Smartwatch for free!

Posted by fionastewart on 1st Apr 2016

Descartes will be demonstrating the new SmartAlerts enhancement to Smartanalysis, the industry leading tachograph analysis software and SmartLicence, online driving licence verification, on Stand 4H20 … Read more
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Is enforcement of driver’s hours working?

Posted by fionastewart on 23rd Mar 2016

Figures reported in February this year reveal that prosecutions for drivers’ hours and tachograph offences fell by almost 30% in 2015. Figures disclosed in recent parliamentary question and answer se … Read more
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Introduction of the Smart Tachograph in the EU

Posted by AndrewT on 6th Jan 2016

Progress is being made on the introduction of the Smart Tachograph in the EU. The Regulation (EU) N°165/2014 adopted in February 2014 by the European Parliament and the Council assumes the introducti … Read more
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Do you know the risk profile of your drivers?

Posted by AndrewT on 9th Nov 2015

While the abolition of the paper counterpart may be causing short term disruption for some, having the ability to automatically and routinely check drivers licence details against the DVLA records onl … Read more
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Happy Birthday Driver CPC!

Posted by AndrewT on 18th Sep 2015

It’s been a year since the deadline for existing HGV drivers to complete their first block of 35 hours of Driver CPC training. Happy birthday Driver CPC! HGV, bus and coach drivers are required to do … Read more
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You're invited!

Posted by AndrewT on 26th Aug 2015

From container to customer, customer experience and compliance matters - Transforming customer experience and safeguarding compliance whilst increasing profitability - myth or new reality? Descartes … Read more
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Volumetric vehicle exemption loophole to close?

Posted by AndrewT on 17th Aug 2015

There is growing support to bring ten vehicle exemptions into the O-licensing scheme. It is estimated that this could affect around 40,000 goods and engineering plant vehicles and require them to pass … Read more