DVSA continue to focus on non-compliant operators

Posted by fionastewart on 21st Apr 2016

The DVSA has recently published its plan for 2016. The agency wants to continue discussions on how to improve the service it provides to meet the needs of commercial road transport operators. It will also continue to work with the DfT to identify ways to target non-compliant operators. In its business plan for the 2016 financial year, the agency said it hoped to carry out 188,000 targeted CV stops and detect some 20,418 offences. The DVSA expects to uncover more than 20,000 serious roadworthiness defects and traffic offences through targeted vehicle checks in 2016/17. Trials of an “earned recognition” scheme were conducted in 2015, and plans to roll it out  earned were highlighted by the DVSA, however a launch date has not been set. Under the scheme transport operators making their records available to DVSA to view could gain recognition as a compliant operator so, removing the need for the DVSA to perform roadside checks on them. Operators using the Smartanalysis tachograph analysis Software as a Service will be able to share their tachograph data easily to take advantage of the scheme when it is launched. This will give the authorities more time to focus on the seriously and serially non-compliant operators. “We’ll make sure vehicles on our roads are safe, and drivers and operators are moving to more targeted enforcement checks on the seriously and serially non-compliant,” said interim chief executive Paul Satoor. “We’ll minimise disruption to the most compliant, offering operators the opportunity to demonstrate their level of compliance through an earned recognition scheme.”