SmartLicence demo has unexpected outcome

27th Oct 2022

Recently, our SmartCompliance team onboarded a new customer onto our SmartLicence driving licence verification platform. The customer had already utilised our SmartAnalysis solution and wanted to expand their compliance management solutions with Descartes to more easily run and manage drivers licence checks and have all their compliance management information in one place.

After importing their drivers’ licence data the Descartes support team demoed SmartLicence to the customer, giving them guidance and training on the relevant reporting and automations available to them.

Whilst conducting a manual licence check something unexpected came up. A driver who had recently switched driving HGV’s to commercial LGV’s for the company had a flag on their licence. After investigating offline it was uncovered that the driver was in fact disqualified.

This just goes to show that you can’t rely upon your drivers to always be open and true about their licence points and validity. It pays to protect youself, your operators licence and other road users by utilising solutions such as SmartLicence to periodically check your drivers licences for any points or disqualifications.

SmartLicence enables you to set periodic checks on drivers licences in relation to the number of points on their licence (risk). Meaning a driver with no points could be automatically checked every 6 months where as a driver with 6 points or more could be checked every two months or even more frequently. It’s customisable for your compliance needs.

You can read more about SmartLicence here.