Yet Another Bridge Strike

25th May 2023

HGV driver accused of driving an unsafe lorry collided with the Greenock Bridge in Inverclyde, Scotland.

Have we heard this one before, or is it just us?

The 50-year-old driver ais said to have driven a Scania dangerously before getting stuck under the railway flyover. It’s also been alleged that the load being carried on the truck was improperly secured, exceeded the weight limit and happened to be the same part involved in a collision in May 2022.

The driver has submitted a letter to Greenock Sheriff Court – a plea of not guilty. The trial has been set for 10 th October.

Unfortunately, it seems not everyone got the chance to read our blog on the 7 ways you can reduce the risk ofbridge strikes. But then again, should they have to? We all have a responsibility in this industry to ensure what we control is safe, secure and compliant.

For drivers this would include:

  • DVSC’s – Driver Vehicle Safety Checks
  • Triple checking the height of their load
  • Ensure height indicators are set correctly following walk around check
  • Looking out for and reading bridge signs warning of height and weight restrictions, and then fully complying with them.

The consequences of striking/ damaging bridges are severe, depending upon the circumstances. Accidents do happen, but the number of bridge strikes that also co-inside with other areas of lapsed compliance can’t be a coincidence.