Drivers’ hours and tachograph offences are still No 1 for HGV Operators

Posted by AndrewT on 18th Jan 2017

Statistics published by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) for FY 2015-16 shows that drivers’ hours and tachograph records offences are still the most common offences for HGV Operators accounting for almost 81% of convictions, see table below. In some cases this may be down to ignorance or a lack of understanding, although that is clearly no defence in these cases. The temptation for rogue operators to gain an unfair competitive advantage by stretching drivers’ hours and attempting to falsify tachograph records is at best extremely foolish and could lead to heavy fines, loss of the Operators’ licence or imprisonment. Is it time for the authorities to step up enforcement? The DVSA’s planned Earned Recognition scheme and the recently revised Operators Compliance Risk Score will help them to focus their time and efforts on dealing with the seriously and serially non-compliant operators. Operators that are not downloading and analysing their tachograph data to manage compliance with drivers’ hours should take action now. Click here to request further information on Descartes Smartanalysis, tachograph analysis and compliance management Software as a Service, available for 25p per driver per day. Smartanalysis gives you the tools to manage compliance with drivers’ hours and tachographs and potentially benefit from new initiatives like the DVSA’s Earned Recognition. FY 2015-16 DVSA Reported HGV Offences and Convictions.
Offences Reported Convictions
Drivers' hours 1,532 1,385
Tachograph 1,131 892
Driving licence 183 168
No "O" Licence 134 115
Overloading 82 75
Others 206 178
Total 3,271 2,815