DVLA licence checking website crashes on day of launch

Posted by AndrewT on 12th Jun 2015

The DVLA's new online system to check driving licences following the abolition of the paper counterpart crashed on the day of its launch yesterday. Users of the new View Driving Licence service complained that the system was not working properly, says the BVRLA, the trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing sector. The abolition of the paper counterpart may cause short term disruption for some. However, having the ability to automatically and routinely check drivers licence details online with the DVLA database should be welcomed as an opportunity to not only ensure compliance, but also to improve overall customer experience and increase operational efficiency. By utilising the latest licence verification software such as SmartLicence, fleet and transport operators can automatically and routinely check the status of a driver’s license. This saves time and avoids the risk of out of date information, an associated issue of the now redundant paper licence counterpart. In addition, SmartLicence users will not be left at the mercy of DVLA and will be able to check the status of their driver’s licence even if the DVLA website is down! With up to date, accurate information, a company can rapidly assess the level of risk it is carrying based on overall driver endorsements and the potential impact on insurance. For those drivers with more points and therefore a greater risk profile, the company can instigate more frequent checks, ensuring compliance is maintained at all times. With confidence that compliance is ensured, it is far easier for organisations to optimise journeys and meet customer demands. Dynamic appointments can be offered, reservations met and the entire customer experience enhanced with no fear of accidentally pushing the limits - and paying the price. If you would like to learn more about SmartLicence or if you wish to learn more about Descartes compliance management solutions, please give one of our team a call on 01249 463355 or email us at info@descartes.com.