DVSA Annual Review 2016/17

Posted by Robin Layfield on 18th Jul 2017

The DVSA published their first Annual Review to promote what it is most proud of from 2016/17 and highlight some of work they will be doing in 2017/18 to further improve road safety. Road transport operators should note that during the review period the DVSA carried out 4 million tachograph checks, 223,000 roadside checks and 189,000 compliance checks. The review highlights a couple of examples of some of the worst examples of non-compliance they came across. “We stopped one lorry driver who’d driven from Spain with an oven on his dashboard! We gave him a fixed penalty for having a restricted view of the road, but then we found that his vehicle and trailer were overloaded so his vehicle was immobilised. “  “We also stopped a pair of drivers who’d driven one lorry for 29 hours and 40 minutes without taking any rest. They were absolutely exhausted. This is as dangerous as drink driving, so we made these guys take a 9 hour break. Then we fined them £980 each.” For help in managing your tachograph and drivers' hours compliance see Smartanalysis.