Have your say on Driver CPC

Posted by AndrewT on 19th Mar 2020

The DVSA have launched a consultation about improvements to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. The current requirement is based on time spent in a face-to-face training environment rather than knowledge acquired, learning or outcome in improved safety. The DVSA consultation is asking for views on things such as:
  • allowing 12 out of the 35 hours to be e-learning - is this enough?
  • allowing dangerous goods training to count towards driver CPC
  • amending the exemption for non-commercial driving by removing the term 'personal use'
  • clarifying what constitutes 'driving as a principle activity'
With the COVID-19 crisis and need for social distancing alternative methods for delivering Driver CPC training should be looked at now. Is remote e-learning for the whole 35 hours the way forward? The consultation will be open until 29 April 2020. Have your say at Driver CPC Consultation. SmartAnalysis includes a Driver CPC Management module for free to help operators keep track of drivers and CPC training.