How many hours should a Transport Manager work?

It all depends on the size of the fleet!

The role of Transport manager is extremely important to any road transport operator and they must be able to manage the transport operation effectively in the time they have available.

The recent publication of Statutory Document No.3 Transport Managers by the Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain provides a useful insight into what is expected as the starting point in terms of the hours worked by a Transport Manager.

The document suggests what Traffic Commissioners might expect as a starting point in terms of hours worked by a transport manager, details below:

Motor Vehicles Hours Worked
2 or less 2 to 4
3 to 5 4 to 8
6 to 10 8 to 12
11 to 14 12 to 20
15 to 29 20 to 30
30 and above 30 to Full Time
Above 50 Full time and additional assistance required

It should be noted that additional hours may be required for a Transport Manager to perform their duties for trailers.

The above guidance should be used as a prompt to discuss what time is available and actually required to carry out the duties of a Transport Manager.

Posted on: 12.01.2016

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