Is this the worst case of breaching drivers’ hours rules?

Posted by AndrewT on 16th Oct 2020

A Glasgow operator has been disqualified and had his licence revoked after a traffic commissioner heard about “the worst case of breaching the drivers’ hours rules” he’d ever seen. Scotland’s deputy Traffic Commissioner said the haulage operator was complicit in the widespread and frequent creation of false records among his drivers between January and December 2018. An investigation by the DVSA began following a roadside encounter in 2019, which revealed that a tipper trucks was being operated without vehicle excise in force, the operator had never downloaded the tachograph data and the vehicle was also overloaded. Further analysis of the digital tachograph records highlighted concerns about driver card activity, leading to further investigations and the conclusion that the driver concerned had been using other drivers’ cards. It also became apparent that other drivers at the haulage business were not always using their own driver cards either. Three drivers admitted a total of 98 offences in less than a year. These offences were committed in order to conceal the fact that the drivers had driven for more than four and a half hours without taking the required breaks. One driver drove two vehicles and was on duty for 58 hours and 15 minutes without taking a rest period of at least nine hours and his total driving over the three-day period was 29 hours and eight minutes. The operator had their licence revoked and was disqualified indefinitely. The transport manager lost his repute and was disqualified. All the drivers were also disqualified from holding HGV licences, apart from one, who is now deceased. Is this the worst case you have seen? Take the burden out of managing your drivers’ hours with SmartAnalysis. Right now you can get a 14 month SmartAnalysis subscription for the price of 12, equivalent to just £2.86 per driver per month, see here for a quote for your drivers. Source: Commercial Motor.