Jailed for using gadget to hide drivers’ hours

Posted by AndrewT on 1st Jun 2017

Judge James Sampson reinforced the fact that 'tired drivers kill' as he jailed a HGV driver for using a gadget that allowed him to exceed legal drivers’ hours. The driver pleaded guilty to having a device for fraudulent purposes. The "interrupter device" activated by a remote control prevented the vehicle’s tachograph recording total journey time correctly. The driver claimed he found the device in the vehicle and decided to use it. The Judge sentenced the driver to a custodial sentence, jailing him for three months concurrently on each charge. Judge James Sampson said "The courts regard this type of offence as very serious indeed. What your device did was to enable you to drive for longer in terms of time and longer in terms of distance," and added "Tired drivers kill.” There can be no excuse for trying to hide drivers’ hours and stiff penalties apply for drivers and operators caught cheating. Honest mistakes do happen and tachograph analysis solutions such as Smartanalysis are available for just 25p a day to help operators manage their compliance with drivers’ hours. Source - Nottingham Post