Licence revoked for failure to record drivers’ hours

Posted by AndrewT on 2nd Jan 2020

An operator with 10 heavy goods vehicles had its licence revoked due to “an almost wholesale abrogation” of its responsibilities to ensure drivers hours and tachograph rules were observed. The operator based in the West-Midlands were reported to the Traffic Commissioner by the DVSA in July 2019 for failing to download drivers’ digital tachograph cards and vehicle tachograph unit data within the required time limits. Driver card data should be downloaded within 28 days and VU data within 90 days. Although most responsible operators will do this weekly to deal with any instances of unaccounted distance before it becomes a potential problem. The nominated Transport Manager only analysed their tachograph data annually and stopped paying for analysis as he knew his drivers were breaking the rules. As a result, the drivers had many infringements which were repeated, and some were serious with vehicles being driven without a driver card inserted in the tachograph. The drivers claimed that they had to drive to a tachograph analyst to download their cards but failed to do this as they were never paid for the extra journeys. Downloading tachograph data and analysing the data to ensure compliance with the regulations should not be burdensome. Driver card and VU data can be downloaded to SmartAnalysis automatically to a set schedule whilst the vehicle is in normal operation using installed telematics devices or a dedicated remote download device. Alternatively, the DigiPost Pro box can be installed in any depot (with or without any IT infrastructure and support) so that drivers can download their data whenever they return to the depot. You can save 20% on the cost of the Digipost Pro Mark 1 (LAN or 3G/GPRS) device to the end of January 2020 by using voucher code Digi20 in our online shop. Shop now. SmartAnalysis, the UK’s favourite tachograph analysis Software as a Service will take data straight from a telematics device, remote download device or DigiPost Pro. The rules regarding drivers’ hours and tachograph data apply to all operators regardless of size. Having 10 or less HGVs is no excuse for not downloading and analysis tachograph data. SmartAnalysis Pre-pay has been designed specifically for operators with 10 or less drivers. It enables smaller operators to take advantage of SmartAnalysis for a fixed fee which can cover a period of 1 to 5 years. SmartAnalysis Pre-pay subscribers enjoy all the benefits of SmartAnalysis and are automatically subscribed to the 5 most common reports for managing compliance e.g. drivers’ hours, driver card downloads etc. If you are struggling to manage your tachograph data and drivers' hours compliance see SmartAnalysis Pre-pay - £40 per driver per year or less. Source: Commercial Motor