New to digital tachographs? - Who is responsible for what?

Posted by AndrewT on 8th Mar 2022

What are the driver's and operators basic responsibilities? Some transport operators use vehicles fitted with digital tachographs, but have no idea on how to use them. This can lead to expensive fines and loss of the operating license. Common operator infringements include:

  • Failure to get a company tachograph card
  • Failure to get digital tachograph download equipment
  • Failure to download the required tachograph data

So what do you do if you just acquired your first vehicle with a digital tachograph? There are a few things you need to be aware of and do before you start using it. If you are new to digital tachographs the points below will help you get started on the right foot.

Driver responsibilities:

  • Using a digital tachograph driver card to record all work and driving
  • Making sure the card and tachograph is working correctly
  • Only holding one card (unless within one month of expiry, when two cards can be held)
  • Allowing employers to download driver tachograph data from card
  • Applying for a replacement card if lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning within 7 days.
  • Whilst waiting for the new card to arrive, taking print-outs at the start and end of each working day
  • Not using anyone else’s card or be in possession of forged or altered card
  • Not recording false data or destroying any data on the card
  • Carrying the card at all times when working
  • Producing the card for DVSA officers or the police when requested

Transport Operator responsibilities:

  • Making sure all drivers do all of the above
  • Having a company card to download the recorded tachograph data
  • Downloading driver data at least every 28 days
  • Downloading vehicle data from the tachograph at least every 90 days
  • Analysing the tachograph data to ensure rules have not been broken or breached
  • Making sure the tachograph is equipment is working correctly
  • Making sure the tachograph is calibrated every 2 years
  • Making sure any defective tachograph is repaired without delay

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