£1,500 fine for tachograph and drivers’ hours offences

A haulage company was fined a total of £1,500 and ordered to pay court courts at North Antrim  Magistrates’ Court on Fri 1st March.

Patrick Bradley Limited was convicted on 15 charges relating to tachograph and drivers hours offences. Enforcement Officers of the Driver & Vehicle Agency conducted a targeted investigation into the operation of vehicles by the company.  The authorities asked the company to produce drivers’ hours records for analysis and on examination of the records several offences were noted.

The company was convicted of failing to produce record sheets; failing to carry out regular checks; failing to organise driver’s work; failure to record data; and employing drivers while there were infringements pertaining to daily and weekly rest.

Tachograph analysis and compliance management solutions such as Smartanalysis cost around 25p per driver per working day. The £1,500 fine would have paid for tachograph analysis and reporting to help the operator stay compliant for over 6,000 driver days!

Posted on: 26.03.2013

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