91% of hauliers want online driver CPC data checking alongside driving licence checks

Posted by fionastewart on 13th Jul 2016

A survey of over 100 senior UK haulage fleet managers, conducted by the Association for Driving Licence Verification revealed that 91% of respondents want driver CPC data to be made available alongside online driving licence checks. Online checks on driver CPC records would eliminate the reliance on visual data checking and if made available alongside existing online driving licence data it could provide a single point of reference for ensuring drivers are entitled to driver. The benefit of this was endorsed by 90% of respondents who felt that the availability of CPC information would make their own monitoring of driver entitlement easier. The survey also questioned whether not knowing the status of drivers’ CPC training presented the respondents with a challenge and 75% of those surveyed felt that this was an issue and that automating training status data would help to reduce the burden. Commenting on the survey, Kevin Curtis the ADLV’s Technical Director added, “This survey reflects the views of 100 senior UK Haulage managers - many of whom come from fleets of over 100 vehicles. Quite simply, it highlights a significant demand for change. This data needs to be available, whether it’s used to improve compliance, training, licence administration or more broadly to increase road safety. We have forwarded the respondents’ views to the DVLA and are optimistic that they will look sympathetically upon our call to action.” Descartes will keep you updated if / when driver CPC data is made available online to complement online management of tachograph data with Smartanalysis and driving licence checks with SmartLicence. Source ADLV