Changes to Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

Posted by AndrewT on 5th Jan 2021

Following a review of Driver CPC training and recommendations made by the European Commission, the UK Government has decided that Driver CPC training will be monitored by the DVSA to ensure drivers aren’t repeating training in their 35-hour requirement. The DVSA will monitor drivers’ CPC records to identify any training that does not support their professional development as a driver such as unnecessary repetition of a training course. Action may be taken if unnecessary repetition is identified which could lead to revoking a driver’s Driver Qualification Card (DQC). Repetition of training will only be allowed where it supports driver development for example where more than one day training is required to maintain a qualification such as driving dangerous goods. SmartAnalysis, tachograph analysis and compliance management for fleets of all sizes includes a module to manage Driver CPC training to ensure all drivers take the required training on time and easily identify any potential repetition. It is free to use for all SmartAnalysis subscribers and you can sign-up to SmartAnalysis for £40 per driver for 14 months. Get a quote for your fleet.