Changes to Driver CPC revealed.

Posted by AndrewT on 9th Jul 2020

Following a consultation by the DVSA on how to improve Driver CPC, the agency is expected to implement a number of changes. The full details have not been formally announced but they are expected to include the following:
  • Allowing 12 out of the 35 hours to be e-learning.
  • Aligning training programmes with drivers’ work such as dangerous goods and transport of passengers.
  • An exemption for drivers in some industries including agriculture, horticulture, forestry and farming.
  • Recognition for Swiss Driver CPC.
With the existing 7 hour training modules it is not clear how the 12 hours e-learning will work yet. The legislation to enable the changes to be made is expected to be in place by 22 July. Descartes SmartAnalysis, tachograph analysis software includes a module for managing driver CPC for free.  This will help operators keep track of their drivers' CPC and ensure the 35 hours training is completed on time. You can buy SmartAnalysis for just £40 per driver per year, see the SmartCompliance online shop.