Convictions for drivers’ hours and tachograph offences fall

Posted by AndrewT on 25th Jan 2013

According to the latest figures from VOSA the number of convictions for drivers’ hours and tachograph offences has almost halved since 2009. However, breaches of drivers’ hours  regularly tops the list of the most common offences in England and Wales, followed by tachograph non-compliance. Graduated fixed penalties were introduced in 2009 and will account for much of this reduction as many infringements will be dealt with a fixed penalty rather than prosecution which will be used for the most serious offences. A VOSA spokesman said “In 2008/09 there was no provision for VOSA  to issue fixed penalties, so the only available sanction was prosecution. Whereas the 2010/11 figures show a reduction in prosecutions because many infringements were dealt with by means of fixed penalty or graduated deposit.” The average fixed penalty fine was £248 in 2010/11 and the average fine for drivers’ hours offences increased to £183. The use of fixed penalties gives the authorities more time to deal with serious and serial non-compliance through prosecution and calls to public enquiry to ensure fair competition and promote road safety for all. The continued uptake and growth in compliance management solutions such as Smartanalysis will also help to keep road transport operators on the right side of VOSA.