DVSA name top drivers' hours offenders

Posted by AndrewT on 26th Nov 2021

During road safety week the DVSA published a list of operators committing drivers’ hours offences in the UK. The list includes thousands of operators based in the UK and in other European countries. 1429 offenders were listed from Great Britain and included many well-known hauliers. The DVSA stated that the data only showed offences detected at the roadside and did not include offences found at site visits or other desk-based investigations. Reaction to the list has been mixed with one haulier claiming the information to be incorrect with their OCRS being green, see Motor Transport. Are you on the list? You can see for yourself at - Operators who have committed drivers’ hours offences in Great Britain - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk). If you are on the list? Do you have a robust and simple process for downloading, analysing and reporting on your tachograph data to minimise drivers’ hours infringements? SmartAnalysis is the UK’s favourite tachograph analysis and reporting service for fleets of all sizes. It minimises the burden in managing your tachograph data and minimising drivers’ hours infringements with reporting and automated alerts to issues that need your attention. To the end of December 2021 new customers can sign-up for £40 per driver per year and get two additional months for free (£40 per driver for 14 months). Sign-up today - simply enter the number of drivers and term of subscription (1 to 5 years) and you will see the total cost and cost per driver. The addition 2 months for free will be added to your subscription term when you subscribe.