Exentra launch Smartdebrief - Comprehensive driver debriefing tool within Smartanalysis to manage infringements down

Posted by AndrewT on 18th Jun 2012

Driver infringements and failure to manage drivers effectively can be expensive for any road transport operator and could put their Operators Licence in jeopardy. The authorities take a dim view of repeated offences and a failure to manage drivers’ infringements. Smartdebrief has been designed to make this task easier for busy Transport, Depot and Compliance Managers. Smartdebrief is a powerful new driver debriefing tool within Smartanalysis.  It provides a configurable debrief scheme where an operator can define a disciplinary process using a points-based system and escalation levels for managing infringements. Smartdebrief enables transport operators to monitor drivers’ infringements at any depot across the whole fleet and quickly identify depots and specific drivers where compliance is a problem. Smartdebrief will help road transport operators manage their drivers and infringements so that training and development can be prioritised for the drivers that need it most. It also provides a full audit trail of driver and debriefer interactions to show the authorities that they have taken all reasonable steps to manage infringements down. Smartdebrief was developed in partnership with Exentra’s Smartanalysis customers and will help them stay on the right side of VOSA. “Exentra listened to our needs and were fully prepared to develop new software so that the driver debrief module fitted with our business requirements.” David Seaton MIRTE MSOE MIMI – Fleet Engineer, NFT Exentra Transport Solutions Ltd are experts in tachograph compliance, analysis and reporting. Exentra created the Smartanalysis tachograph analysis and compliance management service in 2003 and today over 1,300,000 tachograph records are downloaded to Smartanalysis every month. Find out more about Smartdebrief and get started with Smartanalysis.