Exentra launch Smartdownload - Automatic, Remote Download of Digital Tachograph Data

Posted by AndrewT on 1st May 2012

Many operators are evaluating automatic, remote download of digital tachograph data and report savings of 30 minutes per vehicle per week in downloading data alone. Automatic, remote download eliminates the burden of collecting tachograph data. Downloads can be scheduled to suit your requirements and automated to guarantee compliance. Once set up there is no need to manage and control processes or rely on drivers. Your company Cards can stay in the office rather than being moved from vehicle to vehicle. Digital tachograph data can be transferred in the background from the vehicles via GPRS from any location in Europe and passed to Smartanalysis. Implementing remote download can be a minefield especially for smaller operators and any benefit can be eliminated by excessive charges for the data communications from a mobile operator. To make things easier for operators Exentra have launched Smartdownload, a package of everything an operator will need to implement remote download with Smartanlysis. The package includes a remote download device, vehicle installation, GPRS data SIM, all GPRS data charges in the UK for twelve months plus help and advice from our Support Team. Smartdownload is available from £499 per vehicle and £100 per annum for the GPRS data charges in the subsequent years.  Lease packages are also available from around £25 per vehicle per month. NFT and Turners (Soham) Ltd have taken advantage of Smartdownload and are reporting significant savings in the time taken to manage data downloads. Smartdownload is suited to fleets of all sizes as Exentra take care of everything to deliver a solution that will work for your operation. For help and advice on Smartdownload please contact the Support Team on 01249 463355 or email support@exentra.co.uk To buy a Smartdownload kit visit our shop.