No VU tachograph downloads in 505 days results in revoked licence

Posted by AndrewT on 19th Mar 2021

A Sittingbourne operator was called out as “an accident waiting to happen” and had their licence revoked by the South Eastern Traffic Commissioner, Sarah Bell. The failings were widespread and included:
  • Running almost double the number of vehicles it was authorised to
  • No VU tachograph downloads in 505 days
  • 256 incidences of driving ‘off-card’
  • No driving licence checks
  • No systems to analyse drivers’ hours and working time directive compliance
  • Out of date approach to maintenance standards
The operator had been running 9 vehicles when their entitlement was five. In a written decision, the Traffic Commioner said the company had done this for commercial gain and this operation was an accident waiting to happen.  The TC added  “This is a bad case and this operator deserves to be put out of business. I hope that the message sent out will be clear to all that this wholesale disregard for the operator licensing regime will not be tolerated.” It is vital that operators take a compliance first approach to their operations and incorporate systems and processes to download and analyse tachograph data, ensure vehicles are roadworthy and drivers are entitled to drive. Descartes SmartCompliance provides all of these things in one platform, one username, one login, one complete picture of compliance. It includes: It is time you got your compliance systems and processes together in one place? Source: Commercial Motor.