Tachograph cheat is banned for three years

Posted by AndrewT on 24th Nov 2015

An Aberdeen-based owner-operator has had his O-licence revoked and been disqualified from driving HGVs for three years after using magnets to interrupt digital tachograph recordings. The public inquiry on 29 September was told that the DVSA launched an investigation into the operator following allegations that magnets were used to falsify tachograph records whilst making deliveries. The DVSA discovered 23 records where it was believed that the operator had interrupted the correct functioning of the tachograph recording equipment, and he came to the conclusion that the allegations of magnet use were correct. Also vehicle unit data had not been downloaded prior to the DVSA’s request for data. The operator admitted that he had used a magnet as an interrupter device, but was not using it all of the time, claiming that if he couldn't complete a journey in time the magnet was used for the last 30-45 minutes. In her written decision last month, the TC Joan Aitkin said “A person who uses a magnet is not a person who can be trusted for the future.”  The operator also ignored numerous requests to meet up with the DVSA prior to the PI to explain his actions. Attempting to gain an unfair competitive advantage by falsifying tachograph records is a road to ruin.  For help in managing tachograph records and ensuring compliance with drivers’ hours see Smartanalysis, tachograph analysis software.   Source: Commercial Motor