Tachograph Roadside checks on the rise - Act now

Posted by AndrewT on 15th Jun 2020

There have been reports recently that the DVSA is ramping up their roadside checks. With this increased enforcement activity operators should ensure that their management of drivers’ hours and tachograph data is up-to-date. Under the current COVID-19 pandemic the DVSA is also making greater use of remote audits of haulage operators’ compliance management systems, with digital files being submitted to a traffic commissioner (TC). A leading transport lawyer commented that they were getting a lot of operators contacting them regarding roadside checks of their vehicles. It could be with fewer HGV’s on the road in the past two months that the chances of being stopped for a roadside check by the DVSA has increased simply because there is less traffic rather than increased activity by the DVSA. Whatever the situation, the DVSA is active at the roadside and operators are receiving prohibitions and fixed penalty notices where they fail to comply with drivers’ hours, tachograph requirements and vehicle safety checks. For operators having their vehicles checked some are receiving requests by the DVSA for the operator to send their tachograph data for review. Source: Commercial Motor. All transport operators should ensure their tachograph analysis is up-to-date and that they have procedures in place to manage driver infringements. SmartAnalysis, the UK’s leading tachograph analysis software for fleets of all sizes is available for just £40 per driver per year. To the end of June 2020 any operators signing up to SmartAnalysis will get 15 months for the price of 12 to help with COVID-19. SmartAnalysis also comes with a new, easy to use driver debrief module to minimise infringement and provide evidence that systems and processes are in place to manage compliance. Get a quote and sign-up to SmartAnalysis.