Transport managers need to be prepared for Earned Recognition

Posted by AndrewT on 15th Dec 2016

According to figures reported in Transport Engineer over 1 in 4 road transport professionals do not have the necessary systems or technology in place to be able to benefit from the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme to be launched in 2017. This was revealed following recent FTA Transport Manager events where attendees were asked about their readiness for the scheme. Operators will need to share their tachograph data with the DVSA, in order to benefit from Earned Recognition. Users of Smartanalysis tachograph analysis will be able to share reports with DVSA to show their compliance with drivers’ hours and downloading tachograph data. They will also be able to provide evidence that they are managing any areas of non-compliance. Delegates attending the FTA events were also asked which tools they feel make the biggest difference in supporting compliance. 32% felt that digital walk-around checks make the biggest difference for compliance, with drivers’ hours visibility and alerting at 24% and remote download of digital tachograph data at 15% being the second and third most influential technologies. Descartes SmartCompliance solutions for tachograph analysis and driving licence verification benefit from SmartAlerts, automated email alerts to issues that need immediate attention such as missing digital tachograph driver card downloads or changes to a driving licence. Whilst SmartDownload, automatic remote download solutions not only save time and money but ensure digital tachograph downloads are not missed. To find out more about SmartCompliance click here.