What are the top 5 prosecuted offences for HGV operators?

Posted by AndrewT on 29th May 2019

Statistics published by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) for FY 2017-18 shows that drivers’ hours and tachograph records offences are still the most common offences for prosecution of HGV Operators accounting for 84.5% of convictions. Top 5 HGV offences for prosecution.
Offences Convictions
Drivers’ hours 1,033
Tachograph records 910
Overloading 98
Driver licence 77
Construction & Use 72
Others 109
Total 2,299
With reported driver shortages and the number of unfilled driver vacancies some operators may be tempted to stretch drivers’ hours and falsify tachograph records. However, any responsible operator will be using tachograph analysis software such as Smartanalysis to ensure they are compliant with drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations so that they are not one of the 84.5% of convictions. Tachograph analysis software is not just for the big operators. Smaller operators can also take advantage of Smartanalysis to manage their compliance with a Smartanalysis pre-pay subscription for just £40 per driver per year or less if you subscribe to 2 to five years. Get a quote for your fleet. For the full statistical data on offences and convictions see, Top 10 Offences for Prosecution.