Depot Based Download

If you have an internet–ready PC, you will also need a Smartcard Reader and a separate Vehicle Unit Download Device or a Combined Driver Card Reader and Vehicle Unit Download Device.

The software to download the data and submit it to Smartanalysis is free when you create a Smartanalysis account for free.



To capture the vehicle data from the digital tachograph, you need a VU download device. This device plugs into the Vehicle Unit in the cab and allows you to copy the data you require from the cab VU onto the download device. The VU download device can then be plugged into the PC in the depot and using the Smartanalysis digital downloader software you can send the VU data that you have collected to Smartanalysis for free.

Capturing data from the digital driver card could not be easier: the driver simply puts their smartcard into a reader connected to a PC.

The Smartanalysis digital downloader software automatically recognises that a smartcard has been inserted, reads all of the data from the card and sends it to Smartanalysis. When this process is complete the driver will see a message on the screen asking them to remove their smartcard.

Equipment needed

In order to do Depot Based Download and submit data to Smartanalysis you will need some equipment – this is available in our shop. A guide to what you need is below:

A smartcard reader – choose from:

A Vehicle Unit Download Device – choose from:
OR, you can get a Combined Driver Card Reader and Vehicle Unit Download Dev

Did you know?

Over 50,000 driver records are downloaded to Smartanalysis every day.

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