A 'dangerously incompetent' Transport Manager will damage your business

Posted by AndrewT on 23rd Jul 2015

A South Wales transport operator has had their licence curtailed after employing a "dangerously incompetent" Transport Manager. Traffic Commissioner for Wales, Nick Jones, said the directors had been naive and failed in their responsibilities and the company's good repute had been "severely tarnished" The firm's former Transport Manager, was disqualified from working in that role after the Commissioner found that he had made a false declaration to obtain an Acquired Rights Certificate. He indicated that he had 10 years uninterrupted and continuous work in the industry. However this was false, in November 2007, he lost his repute as a Transport Manager, preventing him from working in that role. Records also revealed that he had been disqualified as a director for six months in 2003, after his company's licence was revoked and the firm disqualified from holding a licence. In 2006, his good repute as a Transport Manager was severely tarnished. The role of Transport Manager is of vital importance to road transport operators and they should undertake appropriate due diligence in the hiring process to ensure their business is not put at risk in the future. Using Tachograph Analysis Software such as Smartanalysis will not only help the Transport Manager in ensuring compliance  with drivers' hours and tachograph regulations but also provides visibility to Directors and Senior Managers so there are no nasty surprises! Click here to find out more. Source Commercial Fleet News.