News for 2013

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Address to be removed from Digital Driver Card

Posted by AndrewT on 21st Nov 2013

From December 2013 new Digital Driver Cards (Tachograph) issued by DVLA will no longer display an address. DVLA is simplifying the process for commercial drivers changing the address on their driving … Read more
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Driver CPC exemptions take effect

Posted by AndrewT on 13th Nov 2013

Regulations which came into effect Wednesday 13 November clarify the Driver CPC exemptions. The new rules affect people who occasionally drive HGVs, buses or coaches as part of their work but never c … Read more
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Fixed penalties increased from 16 August

Posted by AndrewT on 15th Aug 2013

Department for Transport announced that fixed penalty levels will increase from 16 August 2013. Graduated fixed penalties and financial deposits for vans, trucks and buses are also increased as a resu … Read more
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U-turn on Driver CPC exemptions?

Posted by AndrewT on 9th Aug 2013

The Driving Standards Agency has announced that individuals such as mechanics, driving heavy vehicles for short distances for delivery or repair, will be made exempt from the requirement to hold the D … Read more
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Fined over £40,000 for drivers' hours offences

Posted by AndrewT on 10th Jul 2013

Following a VOSA investigation, Ian John Trussler, a partner and transport manager; and Kenneth Trussler, a partner of Goldline Taxis and Coaches both received suspended prison sentences for admitting … Read more
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DSA and VOSA to merge

Posted by AndrewT on 20th Jun 2013

Roads Safety Minister Stephen Hammond announced today that the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and Driving Standards Agency (DSA), are to merge into a single agency. This will bring their … Read more
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Fees to be increased for graduated fixed penalties

Posted by AndrewT on 13th Jun 2013

The Department for Transport have announced that fixed penalty levels will increase from July 2013. The increases affects most motoring fixed penalties offences, graduated fixed penalties and financi … Read more
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HGV driver jailed for tampering with tachograph

Posted by AndrewT on 29th May 2013

A Belgian HGV driver was jailed on Tues 28 May for attempting to hide the fact that he had not taken the required rest period before driving again. Nico Demeyer attached a magnet to interfere with the … Read more
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Smart tachograph specification informally agreed

Posted by AndrewT on 17th May 2013

Improving road safety and ensuring fair competition in road transport in the EU. The Specification for a new generation of digital tachograph for trucks and buses was agreed informally by the Irish p … Read more
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North Wales Police use of HGV is a real eye opener

Posted by AndrewT on 14th May 2013

North Wales Police’ Commercial Vehicle Unit worked in partnership with VOSA and Roads Policing Officers to target HGV drivers flouting the law.  Using a HGV enabled the police to spot offences that ot … Read more