SmartDownload now includes Geotab, Samsara & OptiFleet

Posted by AndrewT on 20th May 2021

Following on from adding Geotab and Samsara Telematics to SmartDownload for automatic remote download of tachograph data to SmartAnalysis in September 2020 we are please to announce that the SmartDownload capability has been further enhanced with the addition of the Renault Trucks telematics tool OptiFleet. SmartDownload is the automatic remote download of tachograph data to SmartAnalysis via installed telematics devices, in-vehicle devices or dedicated remote download devices such as the digiDL SmartDownload, automatic remote download is the smart way to download tachograph data. Operators are required to download driver card data within 28 days and Vehicle Unit data within 90 days to be compliant with regulations. However, it makes sense to download data on a daily or weekly basis to spot any issues such as unaccounted distance and deal with them before they become a bigger problem.  With SmartDownload your tachograph data is downloaded to a set schedule to ensure they are made in a timely fashion saving time and hassle and enabling you to deal with issues as they occur. You can see the full list of telematics and in-vehicle solutions integrated with SmartAnalysis in the table below.
Telematics Solution Driver Card File - Download Requency VU File - Download Frequency
RTL Daily Daily
Matrix Telematics Daily Daily
Mandata Daily Every third day
Orbcomm Daily Weekly
Volvo / Dynafleet Weekly Weekly
TomTom Daily Weekly
Microlise Daily Daily
FleetVisor Daily Weekly
Lisle Weekly Every two weeks
Scania Weekly Monthly
Geotab Daily Daily
Samsara Daily Weekly
OptiFleet TBD TBD
If you are an existing SmartAnalysis customer and would like to take advantage of SmartDownload via your telematics solution contact If you would like to purchase the digiDL device for remote download, see our online shop. If would like to subscribe to SmartAnalysis you can sign-up for £40 per driver per year and right now we are offering 14 months subscription for the price of 12, see here.