Over 50% of HGV drivers on M5/M6 exceeded drivers’ hours in 12 months

Posted by AndrewT on 2nd Jan 2015

In a year-long operation on the M5 between and J4 and the M6 between J6 for Spaghetti Junction and J14 more than 200 HGV drivers were found to have exceeded their permitted working drivers’ hours.  

In total, 463 checks were carried out by the authorities, 247 HGV drivers had exceeded their permitted driving hours and 133 graduated fixed penalty notices were issued. Minor infringements may have been dealt with by verbal warnings. For the more serious offences a report on the firm will be presented to the Traffic Commissioner.  

Drivers found to be exceeding their drivers’ hours may also subject their employers to follow up visits by the DVSA to check on their working practices.

Drivers’ hours law exists to help keep our roads safe for everyone and provides a level competitive field for all transport operators in the EU.

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You can read the full story here.