Simplified guidance on EU rules on drivers’ hours and working time

Posted by AndrewT on 2nd Apr 2015

Simplified but far from simple. The Department for Transport have published a new 23 page guide to simplify the EU drivers’ hours and working time rules. You can download a copy here. These rules determine the hours that drivers of goods vehicles and passenger-carrying vehicles can work. The simplified guide will help road transport operators and drivers understand the rules. This guidance is not a substitute for the current full documents on drivers’ hours and working time. As you can see understanding the simplified guidance is still a challenge when many transport operators face stiff competition and demanding customers in a difficult economic environment. Using Tachograph Analysis Software as a Service such as Smartanalysis will significantly reduce this burden giving transport operators more time to focus on managing the business. Smartanalysis is available for just 25p per driver per working day. To find out more see Smartanalysis or email