Tachographs and Telematics

Posted by AndrewT on 20th May 2021

The latest tachographs and telematics report from Commercial Motor and Motor Transport highlights the rate at which smart tachographs are being adopted and gives an insight into operator attitudes. Smart tachographs have been mandated since June 2019 and offer the opportunity to make better use of the data collected. The research revealed that 41% have a system for remotely downloading tachograph data whilst the vehicle is away from the base or depot.  Automatic remote download of tachograph data has several big advantages:
  • Driver card and VU downloads are never missed, it eliminates the burden of getting drivers to download their card data.
  • Downloads can be made more frequent making it easier to deal with issues as they are identified such as unaccounted mileage.
  • It saves time (and money) downloading VU data and the vehicle does not have to return to the depot.
And with the COVID-19 pandemic it is a safer way of downloading the driver card data. There are two ways of remotely downloading tachograph data to SmartAnalysis for analysis and reporting. Firstly via a dedicated remote download unit such as the digiDL for £299. Or if you are using telematics the data can be sent to SmartAnalysis via your installed telematics device. For help and advice on using telematics to download your tachograph data contact servicedesk@descartes.com Download the report.